Friday, 8 May 2009


Okay, I haven't added a random website recently. Also, I have been neglecting my using-the-internet-to-save-the-world duties. So here is a post that will kill two birds with one stone.

Random Website
A mention needs to go to Basically, this website redirects you to a random one. You click on the link and you find yourself in a new and fascinating (well, um, new) part of the web. Be warned, although I haven't had any bad experiences, the potential for them is there. So that's the random website of the day.

World Saving Website
Whenever I go shopping with my mum on a highstreet anywhere she always says, "let's pop into the charity shop." There is one charity shop in particular that I love, and that is Oxfam.

So I'm directing you to their website. Also, if you have twitter, follow them. They give ways of using twitter to let your voice be heard. The website has brilliant resources and is often up-to-date with world issues. So just have a browse.

Please, if you know any good websites, for either category, let me know.

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