Saturday, 16 May 2009


Yesterday, after months of me writing about how I am leaving soon, I finally left Aberystwyth. Well, I will return for Graduation and visit, but it wont be my home anymore. I left at 1.30 and gave the people the opportunity to wave me off by arranging a lunch at Wetherspoons. I expected 3 people to turn up, Rose, Rachael and Joel. However, there were about 20. Most of them just wanted to make sure I had actually gone, I expect. It was really touching and I nearly cried. Well, um, I managed not to for the whole journey...I'm such a girl.

There are so, so many people that I will miss. There are some that I only just started getting to know, there are some that have been such good friends. Okay, less of the gushing. Also, the Church in Oxford emailed to confirm my suspicion. I did not get the job. However, as all the other candidates were really cool, I'm not that disappointed.

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