Sunday, 31 May 2009

Don't do a Delia

I have cooked two batches of scones, both using a different recipe. I by far prefer the James Martin one on BBC Food to the Delia Smith one. I think it is a ploy to diminish the esteem of the nations amateur chefs, by giving them rubbish recipes. Then Delia (who I keep referring to as Delai, which is French for delay or extension, or something like that) will forever remain on her domestic pedestal. Great, now I sound like David Icke. Maybe Delia is actually a member of a reptilian alien race. That man scares me (Mr Icke, not Delia). He scares me a lot. BBC Food is a good site, by the way.

In the last few days I have painted and scrubbed clean our veranda. It looks as good as new. Well, the ancient wisteria that is creeping up it gives the game away.

This is my 96th post, therefore, not my next post, nor the one after that, nor the one after that, BUT the one after that will be my 100th post. That is scary. I hope I have something better to say than my usual drivel.

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