Wednesday, 26 August 2009


No, this isn't about a job. My old housemate Rose went away, and to make blogging about it easier I sent her some questions to answer. Read them, and the answers, here.

Look Left, Look Right

Look on the right, and you may notice something has changed. Seen it yet? You may have to scroll down a little. Yes, there. The box which says 'Go to a random post', with the words 'Take me there' in it? If you're feeling bored or adventurous, click the words 'Take me there'. Be careful, though. You might be taken to the deepest, darkest realms of The Week that Was.

I've put in on my other blog, but seeing as it has four posts (the statistics on my dashboard says five, but it lies) theres little point to it yet.

On the Zemanta toolbar thing that gives me pretty pictures and cool links to put in my blog, one of them said 'A young writer with too much to say'. Okay, I take the hint.

Monday, 24 August 2009

So Embarassed

I was on facebook and I looked on my links bar and to my horror I saw this:Yes, that's right. A video about Kevin Jonas had appeared in my links. How wrong. I do not condone the Jonas brothers, not matter how hott they are. Also, I'd like to add, my Firefox Personal was actually a funky robot thing, but somehow got reset to the o-so-girlie swirly butterflyesque 'Groovy Blue'. Please don't judge me.

What's a guy gotta do?

Carmen MirandaCarmen Miranda via

Sheesh kebab, people. What do I have to do to get you to comment on here? Dance around wearing nothing more than a fruit-festooned head piece and jock-strap singing 'I like you very much' alla Carmen Miranda? I've tried everything. Well, more just self-promotion via facebook. Yes, I am shameless. But not shameless enough to dance the samba concealed by nothing more than carefully placed fruit. So, just comment people.
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Sunday, 23 August 2009

It's been a while, crocodile

So, I went away, I came back and now I'm here. This week felt really odd, it was book-ended by crazy busyness, but in the middle it was a bit dull. So dull in fact, on Friday night the most exciting bit about my dream was Crunch Corner yogurts (Rose cries, 'what's wrong with that?'). But now the moment seems to have passed to write about my visit too Rachael's neck-of-the-woods. However, head over to her blog-she has blogged about some of it, including the tragic tale of Harry the Hedgehog.

Monday I got back and some friends that I haven't seen for ages were visiting. It was so nice to see them, and as usual, it was pretty crazy. The Hampton family brings chaos and destruction wherever they go. Kay, and the Hampton's friend Hanna injected some needed normality into the situation. It was quite a contrast from the quiet and peaceful Dabbs household to come back to them all talking at one another simultaneously.

Tuesday was another reunion with people I hadn't seen for ages. As an old school friend was getting married the old gang from Applemore met up for a meal. I was really, really nice. It was just so much fun. We need to it again, but Mrs Spenler (nee Davies) lives in Germany now.

Skip to Saturday, where Stephen and I met up with Ali. We went to Beaulieu and just chillaxed. Then we went to see Adam, a film about love between a neurologically typical and an Asperger's sufferer. It was okay, a bit light and perhaps didn't treat Aspergers with the grittiness it deserves. However, it was a light, fun portrayal of a syndrome that is not that much known. And Adam (the guy with Asperger's) was just really nice.

Today I went on a short walk with some of the people from my Church and then did some more chillaxing. Now I've updated you and I feel unburdened from the guilt of not valuing my loyal readership and hopefully free from my brother harassing me.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Unfaithful Blogger

I need to tell you something, The Week that Was. You've been a faithful blog. And we've had our ups and downs. It's just that sometimes a man has needs that one blog can't fulfil alone. Yes, I've been writing another blog.

I have a second blog. It's about my youth-work experience. The highs, the lows... the lows. I'm quite excited about it.

My infidelity doesn't stop at writing a second blog. First, some point this week I'm to be a guest blogger on Dreaming of the Country (post already done and dusted, finally). Also, last evening I spent most my time sorting out Rachael's blog. Wow, doesn't it look pretty, who could have sorted out all that?