Friday, 1 May 2009


This Sunday I have an interview. Scary stuff. Very scary stuff. It is a 9-9 interview day, basically, and I have to do a presentation on 'Is the Bible relevant today? How and why should we read the Bible? 2 Timothy 15-17'. So I should be preparing that. But instead I am writing this. Blame my brother.

I have two random sites, well one is less random than the other.

Random site #1
I have recently bought a book of crosswords. Stuck on the first and most basic (look, I'm looking to improve, okay), I found a site called

Random site #2
This one I found in an advert on It is 'a fun economy simulation'. Recently I have become addicted to 'Travian' but it got a bit lame, but this one is really cool. Also, I really really want a garden. And I've found one at So, this is my next internet addiction, methinks.

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