Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Yellow Mini and Me

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I feel like I should be writing something meaningful, but tough luck. I don't know whether I've mentioned it before, but our family (as in my father and me) has an obsession with a game called Yellow Mini. The rules are thus:
  1. If you see a yellow car you call "Yellow Car!"
  2. If you see a mini you, likewise, call "Mini!"
  3. If you see a yellow mini you yell "YELLOW MINI!"
There is a variant of the game where you punch someone once for each yellow car/mini and twice for each yellow mini, but we play the non-violent version. This game has become a problem. When I'm on my own I have to internally verbalise any call I have to make. It's bad when I'm muttering to myself "Mini, mini, yellow car, mini, yellow car...". It's when a hallowed yellow mini is spotted is when I'm in real trouble. "YELLOW MINI! Take that ether. With no sentient voice you're no match against me!" I cry. Then the worried stares from passersby alert me to my loneliness and the fact that yellow mini is not a game to play on your own.

One last thing...mini, mini, mini, mini, YELLOW MINI, mini, mini, mini, mini, mini...
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