Sunday, 4 January 2009


I am currently searching for career, or just short-term job, opportunities, but everything I find is uninspiring. The websites that are aimed for graduates search for jobs are fundamentally flawed, and lack any imagination. Prospects, for one instance, has a form that you fill in expressing what you would like your ideal j0b to contain, and then they construe from this hypothetical exercise careers that may suit you. However, if the job does not contain much of your hypothetical desires they dismiss it. One of the things that I have been thinking of doing is teaching English abroad, but as only five of the things that I wanted in my idea job showed up they told me I shouldn't go for it. The flaw is this: although my perfect job may contain these elements (like using creative arts, etc.) I would quite happily put them aside for a realistic option. That's what hobbies are for, after all.

I need something that will be stimulating, non-office based, and slightly adventurous, but nothing seems to cater for this. Or if it does, I'm the one that will have to pay for it.

Sorry that my first blog of 2009 was on such a bum note, but I would be a hypocrite to write that everything was stress-free and breezy for the contentment of my 1 reader, Stephen.


  1. Well Tom dear, I wouldnt have minded a stress-free and breezy blog. Now you've just got me into a tizz about careers. You utter git...

  2. I'm feeling your stress about careers too. Watch out though...I always said I never wanted an office based job and look where it got me!