Friday, 23 January 2009


I would like to state that I do not condone reckless behaviour around the sea. The sea deserves respect, as it is old and therefore grumpy. Just like my parents, whose benefit this is for. My dad decided that my blog was a good medium to chastise me, so I deleted that comment. Serves him right. And he can't do it again as I now moderate comments. I am such a fiend.

My housemate has caught the blogger bug, and written a rather funny post, ici. Read it. Now.

Tomorrow I'm off to Borth, as smaller, sleepier, grungier sea-side town (well, village) a bit up the coast from here. But it's not Aberystwyth so it'll be nice. It has an animalarium, and a submerged fossilised forest, and a nature reserve called Ynyslas. Oh, and apparently Joe Scully lives there. Well, Shane Connor, the actor. It seems bizarre that an Australian soap star finds his way to a small village with more fish and chip shops than street lamps seven miles from Aberystwyth. I expect I have exposed some secret, and nobody is meant to know that he lives there.

I watched Bones today, and I've become interested in anthropology. Unfortuantely, I'm interested in way too many things, such as cadences. If you read the blog like I told you to you'd understand. If not then you won't and you should have done.

Here's a last offering for tonight, to amuse you. And always remember: go to a friend's house.