Friday, 23 January 2009

Mediterranean Girl

I am meant to be working, but evidently I am not. It was so nice to go to Borth, and it made me appreciate how beautiful where I live is. I'm only going to be here for another 5 or 6 months so I am going to make use of my small timetable and soak in the countryside. On the seven mile trip to Borth we were winding through hills and to our left you could see inlets, beaches and cliffs flash by. We did take of at on point, on a small humpbacked bridge, which was fun. Rachael screamed.

I was a bit disappointed not to have seen a Mediterranean gull as there was one by the lifeboat centre in Borth. When Josh (the husband to Rachel of Dreaming of the Country) told me of its presence I thought he said Mediterranean girl. Today has made me dread leaving Aberystwyth. There are so many people I'll miss, and so many places. However, the Ceredigion coast is not the only beautiful place in the world.

I've finished 'The Merchant's Tale' and 'The Physician's Tale', but have yet to finish the ridiculously long Troilus and Criseyde, for Wednesday. I also have to write an extensive plan and a timetable detailing when I want things done by. I aim to have the first (as in very very rough) draft done before term starts. That gives me 9 days to write around five thousand words. My dissertation is eight thousand words, but like I said, a very rough draft. If I work hard this week and a bit it'll make this semester easier. At least that's what I hope.


  1. Aww, I know the feeling. I already miss Paris and I haven't even left!

  2. Not fair! I've recently collected my timetable for this semester. 23-26hrs a week is the verdict. *gulp* Did I mension I'm also doing my disseration this semester. And, and, and....oh eck!