Friday, 16 January 2009

Love to Hate

Last night I realised the extent of my fallibility. I am not a strong-minded, strong willed individual. I am weak and pathetic. All this because of Twilight. And before you ask, no I’m not being paid to launch some strange marketing scheme for that evil film, seeing as it has been mentioned in four of six 2009’s posts. I went to see it again last night. I know, I know. My housemate was back and wanted to see it, and because of the bizarre schedules in the cinema in Aberystwyth tonight was the last night. So Rachael and I accompanied her to go and see it again. The second time you watch it the film is actually better. I am a weak, fickle (and melodramatic) person. Twilight has made a hypocrite out of me. Twilight, let's put it this way, will not be placed on my top ten films list any time soon, but not the ten worst either.

Today I have to revise some more, prepare a craft for a children's club I am running tomorrow, which will be terrifying, and just generally getting stressed. I think the Twilight thing has come around due to examination stress. I have this habit of getting obsessed by some arbitrary thing during times of stress, such as Twilight, Twitter, and Heroes. So after my exam on Wednesday I should be free from the curse of my rather bizarre aversion and projection strategies. Or perhaps my obsession is due to my love to hate.

I have had enough of revision. Enough of Woolf, and I have to revise Tennyson's poems and I've had enough before I've started. But I'm going to have to do it sometime, so goodbye.


  1. I like your nice new snazzy layout.

  2. I hadn't heard of Twilight before I got home, so it certainly wasn't me who made you go.

    You gave me the option of Twilight or DVD. Think I remember you dispising (SP??)the film, possibly a bluff to make it look like I wanted to see it to annoy you, and well, I know you better than you think mister!