Wednesday, 28 January 2009


I have just had a meeting with my dissertation tutor, and it has been rather possitive. I went in a confessed that I hadn't done as much as I would have liked. I outlined my argument, and discussed the things I need to work on, and told her where I aimed to be over the following weeks. She said that I was actually quite far ahead and all I have to do really is write the thing. I am going to be a major suck up and cite her book. To be fair, she did suggest it'd be helpful. I just have to do some research on thoughts on acts of authorship and and reading during the Medieval period, as Chaucer just seems to end each literary experience on a bad note (with death or adultery).

I went on the jetty the other day, and got absolutely soaked. But, to prove the lack of danger present, there was a 70 year-old man on the jetty with us. There is photographic evidence, as my friend Naomi, who is an excellent photographer, happened to be taking pictures of silly people getting wet, who turned out to be me and Rose. Have a look at the rest of her photos here, they're good.Me, post soaking with old man and Rose

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