Wednesday, 31 December 2008


The year ad 2009 is waiting just around the corner. It has been deceptive, it has fooled me into thinking it was a long way away, and, slowly at first, has been creeping up on me. The days have been so long and yet the weeks so short. Time is sneaky, going too slow at one moment, and too fast another; and doing precisely that you would rather it not do. But there it is, with a sudden bang of fireworks and a fragmented rendition of Auld Lang Sine, the promise of a New Year comes and has left an old one in its wake. We should saviour the last moments of 2008, close our eyes and listen, breathe, pause; because these moments will never come again. Do not count down with bated-breath in that sordid fashion. 2008 will soon be no more.

2008 was a funny year. It was a disastrous year for some, but it has been a time of change. Economies have collapsed leaving people uncertain of the future. It is perhaps on this day, more than any other, that you realise that, by its nature, is uncertain. Time is sneaky, remember that. Did anyone think on 1st January 2008 that the year would turn out like this? No, of course not. Perhaps we leave this year with regrets. Fortunately, I don’t, but I will begin with resolutions: hopes that I can make 2009 into the best year, where I fulfil my potential and reach new heights. But will it ever happen? Probably not, but it is nice to dream; therefore I won’t be too disappointed when they don’t work out.

So, 2009 will come with its hopes, and possibilities and the smell of burnt gunpowder and Lambrini, but only for a year.

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