Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Last week I failed to update my blog. That means that within the second week I have already failed my aim to write a weekly post. Well, sort of. I aim to write 52 posts in 2009, and that averages out as one a week. Yes, I know, I'm a cheat, but get over it. There are people dying in Gaza, cholera epidemics in Zimbabwe and Big Brother is audition once again. You have bigger things to worry about.

My body is currently trying to sabotage my mental health by not allowing me to sleep. This meant that I am feeling too sucky to do revision for my exam next week, and have had a lazy day. I will panic about it tomorrow, descend further into the abyss of mental illness and have a nervous breakdown. So that's January 2009 sorted then.

In an attempt to procrastinate I have renewed my interest in French and Twitter as well as becoming (momentarily) obsessed with Twilight. I do not know why. I thought the film was bearable and I haven't read the books. The lengths people go to in order to circumnavigate the undesirable. I haven't started tidying my room yet, but it will happen in order to avoid revision.

So a bit more about Twilight. I went to see it yesterday, and most of the girls I know (except the stable-minded Nerys) have fallen in love with Edward Cullen. The beginning half an hour was almost devoid of comprehensible dialogue, making it agonising and things only picked up (a bit) once Edward and Bella started to actually speak to one another. However, on the plus side, watching it made me appreciate LisaNova's parody of the trailer even funnier.

So, now I'm going to get back to my French.

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