Thursday, 15 January 2009


I am currently in the Hugh Owen library, which is a boring, concrete building, doing boring revision. It is boring. Just so you can see how boring the Hugh Owen is here it is.Okay, it isn't terrible, but it's not exactly beautiful. Nor is the weather that nice. Ever. I should go to the National Library, which is just down the hill, because it is nicer and Rachael (my girlfriend) will probably be there. Is it sad that I know her revision habits? Anyway: here is a site on ineffective revision techniques, and it advises interactive revision. I might make myself a PowerPoint. Hurrah for flashing images!

As you can see I have been attempting to make my blog more snazzy. What annoys me the most is the wasted space on either side. I can understand margins, but not margins that are bigger than the actual page contents.

Anyway, Virginia Woolf calls (I am so bored of her, but not afraid).

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