Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Moving and Casablanca

Thomas may be moving. I haven't decided yet, nor do I know why I introduced myself in the third person. When I say moving, I mean I may relocate my blog to wordpress.com. It is just more chic. Also, you can upload content from other blogs as if it had always been there. But I don't know. I would feel like a traitor and blogger is just so cute and friendly, although the templates are a bit pants. I think for the mean time I'll stay put.

Also, Rachael and I watched Casablanca today, which was cool. Better than Twilight at the very least. I'm getting into the old classics. The other day I watched Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes, which was also quite good. Although these old classics are always quite slow to start, I mean often you're not even introduced to the main character until twenty minutes in, I still like them. Yes, I know, you're thinking, 'hang on, your problem with Twilight was the slow start. One rule for one, one rule for another, eh?'. Well, yes. Casablanca and The Lady Vanishes were not trying to be something they weren't. They were made in a time where things weren't expected instantly, patience was still a virtue, and that was the way things were done. Twilight was trying to be too arty, and was made in a time when things are demanded quickly and where, worryingly, patience is becoming more obsolete. The lingering scenes in it were unnecessary, whereas there were no superfluous shots in these oldies. Well, the English-cricket-obsessed-gentlemen were very irritating, but I suppose hackneyed stereotypes were acceptable back then (possibly because they weren't as hackneyed).

I also found a fantastic site with the help of my friend Rachel, which helps you make meals from your left over foods, lovefoodhatewaste.com. Seeing as I am short of cash at the moment it will be really helpful, as well as the fact that waste is not good. I was going to link to the actual post where she recommends this website, but I couldn't find it. So I will link to her entire blog here (as well as the link in my sidebar). It is also a cool example of why wordpress has benefits over blogger.

And I shall leave you with good news, I'm now back on track with my posts.

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