Tuesday, 20 January 2009

It isn't too bad

Tomorrow, I have an exam and I'm actually feeling quite prepared. We had our questions released yesterday, so we get to prepare for them. I'm answering "'New historicism reveals how the literary text exists in a dynamic relationship with a range of other cultural texts.' Discuss" and "Would you agree that the primary aim of feminist criticism is to expose the ideological assumptions which systematically disadvantage women?" They're quite good, as exams questions go. The only problem is getting them to relate to a text (Between the Acts, by Virginia Woolf; and some short poems by Tennyson, respectively). But I have planned each question and practiced writing the first one, and I'm about to do the same for the second.

Everyone else seems to have worse exams than me, by far. So I'm quite grateful. But it doesn't mean I have it easy. I've done a lot of preparation and have a lot of dissertation stuff to do for next Wednesday.

Blogger seems to be spiting me for the comments over linebreaks, as now it doesn't do enough.

I must carry on revising. Soon I will be free (out of the Prison of Revision, as my friends put it).


  1. yeah those questions sound... fun... you can't relate feminism to Virginia Woolf? Even I could do that! 1) Virginia Woolf was a woman. 2) She wrote. QED.

  2. I was doing the first question for Virginia Woolf, hence the 'respectively'. It was the fact that the questions were worded to focus on the theory, rather than the text.

  3. I can't believe you get your questions before the exam, they might as well give you the answers! Hohohoho!