Thursday, 4 December 2008

Frostbite and Friends

Why hello,

I'm rather impressed that I have managed to write a post at least once a week so far. So what have I been up to? A lot, and yet not a lot. It has seemed to go in blur and I can't really remember it. Also, Stephen decided he would facebook chat to me and crash Blogger, so this is the second time of writing it.

This week has been a week of firsts. I got an essay back, and I had got a first (get it?), so I'm chuffed about that. Also I had to talk to the emergency operators for the first time ever at a first-aid duty at Uni. It was quite tricky especially as a rugby guy ran into me whilst I was taking the call. Also at that duty, I had to treat someone on my own and nearly froze to death as I had to give up my padded hi-vis jacket to keep a patient warm.

Yesterday I also had a Harry Potter party, after the eventful first-aid duty. It was quite cool, with two Ginny Weasleys, Luna Lovegood, Professor Trelawny, Snape and Lupin (that was me). The guests were allocated houses and had to take OWLs, including a potions practical.

I'm now about to watch the Wild Thornberrys Movies.

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  1. wow, the Harry Potter party sounds very cool. Tell more! I need to update my blog but I've been soooo busy.