Saturday, 13 December 2008


Yes, the festive time is here. The nights are getting darker, the weather colder; but there is still something special that is in the air.

So here are some things that I like about Christmas:

  1. Realising you forgot to eat yesterday's advent chocolate, so you have an extra one to eat.

  2. Making someone happy by buying a really nice present.

  3. Feeling the love when you receive your presents.

  4. Being around family and friends.

  5. Remember the true meaning of Christmas: that Jesus was born 2000 years ago and 33 years later died to save the world.

However there are three things I do not like about Christmas:

  1. Commercialism: the major companies have hijacked this festival for their own ends.

  2. Christmas Shopping: it is far too stressful.

  3. People getting annoyed at Christians. This one may sound bizarre, but it is my pet peeve. When I was in Australia (not during Christmas time, I might add) a lady on the radio said 'I hate it when I'm Christmas shopping there are people singing Christmas Carols, ramming their religion down my throat.' This is why this statement annoyed me. Actually there are three reasons. First, not all Christmas Carol singers are Christians, and that was a sweeping generalisation. Second, this lady is allowed to celebrate a Christian festival anyway she wishes, but Christians aren't. Third, as she is celebrating a Christian festival I don't think that it would be a wrong to assume that she has some religious beliefs, or at least invests in the traditions of a religious festival. So she is a stinking hypocrite.

That rant over adieu.

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