Saturday, 13 December 2008

To chear you up.

I am a youtube geek. I thought I'd put it out there. So here is a warm, fuzzy and mildly humourous video from the one and only, he need no introduction (unless you don't spend 49 hours a week on Youtube), Hank Green.

I hope your heart was warmed by this, especially you Stephen, as you are currently ill.

And before you ask, yes this is a part of my shameless attempt to get more post entries than Stephen for the year 2008.


  1. I'm still one more entry ahead of you! (Yes, I posted one tonight! Mwahahahahahaaahahahahaahahaa!)

  2. Oh, and how did you get your quotes thing? And how do I subscribe to your blog? I mean, I check it every day, so I don't need to subscribe, but it's just that visible sign of fidelity.