Tuesday, 16 December 2008


I started this post at 23:27, according to my computer’s clock, but waited the 33 minutes or so to post it. That is because I didn’t want to look like a loser and post three blog posts on one day.

However, the world now knows I am a triple-loser: I ‘wrote’ three posts in one day; waited half an hour to cover my tracks; and then admitted all, defying the point of the wasted half and hour. But I think that I shall use those precious moments to research my post a bit better, as Stephen’s blog seems thoroughly thought out and researched (which leads me to the conclusion that he has too much time on his hands).

Now I shall tell you news of my shoes. The shoes that I mended with double-sided sticky-tape, unsurprisingly, did not hold. The fell apart by the time I had walked to University so was once left wandering around campus with a gaping whole on the inside of my arch. However, these are not the only shoes that have hit the news.

Ten minutes to go until I can post this. I think it’s my turn to point you towards something addictive, and it is not a game, or a site (but on one), but a person. Her name is Abby Simons and I love her music, so here is a video to fuel that addiction. See, my temptations are far more accessible to readers- you don’t even have to navigate off the page.

Seven minutes. Yes, it took me three minutes to write that. But naturally I was distracted. That is one of her best songs, and do go on her myspace page. On abandoned dogs, here are some excuses that people have given to why there little pups go unwanted. Remember, lives not Christmas. I really wanted to link to that article, and couldn’t think of how, but serendipity is a lovely thing. Three minutes.

My friend bought me a ‘The Musicals: The Ultimate Collection’, but due to royalties they aren’t the best known versions. I have good memories and a strong affection for one of the songs as one of my friends sang it and I played the piano accompaniment. However, on the CD it sound like it was sung by a drunken Liverpool United supporter**.

So here is perhaps my first completely interactive post complete with footnotes. How cool is that? And I can now post it, and what's more- I have more posts than Stephen.

*Interactivodular comes from 'Banana Phone' by Raffi. See here.
** The song was You'll Never Walk Alone, the anthem of Liverpool United, so this was not a derogatory comment aimed at Kopites.

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