Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mend and make-do

Here is the punch line: I have very little money. This is how this is reached through logic. A: Students have no money. B: I am a student. C: I am a student therefore I have no money. Okay, non sequitur I know. But it is true, so to deny it would be an argument from fallacy. So there.

After that written raspberry, so to speak, I explain one noticable side effect. My footwear's condition has somewhat decayed. The sole of one pair of shoes has lost its integrity, and therefore draws water up more effectively than an Archimedes screw, whereas the other is in tatters. So just now I have just fixed the latter pair using the traditional cobbling method of double-sided sticky tape. Yes, that is what is seperating the ground from my feet. Sticky-tape.

So I thought I would share my finance and footwear problems.

I've noticed also that I tend to moan a lot in my blogs, and can be a bit stroppy. So I apologise, and will try to be more possitive. And if I can't manage it?

Deal with it.

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