Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Weddings and the like

The Saturday was Valentine's Day, as you probably knew. Rachael and I didn't actually do anything for it, mainly because we were 186 miles apart, or 300 km. Rachael was visiting friends and I was at a wedding. My cousin Holly was getting married and I probably would have been lynched if I didn't come. It was quite nice to see loads of family members, and Holly and Chris (the groom/husband) were obviously happy to be married. In fact, Holly was teary for most of the ceremony, with joy that is.

Sunday I came back to Aberystwyth, after a 7 and a half hour journey. It was quite relaxed though, and I find trains far too soporific so I slept for most of it. Monday I had an hour of prayer with my friends Harriet and Lizzie, for 24 hour prayer week. The concept is that there is someone praying all the time for a week, night and day. Then I went up for a seminar an hour early to do some preparation only to find it was cancelled. That is my only seminar of the week, so I have had 0, zero, no, hours of the tuition I'm paying £3,000 for this week.

Tuesday I had another prayer slot from 8-9am, and again, Lizzie joined me. Lizzie and I quite often do bible readings and prayer sessions together, but we haven't really done it this semester. So it was quite nice to do it with her. The person doing the 9 o'clock slot didn't turn up, so I stayed to fill it, as I didn't have that much to do. Lizzie had to go as she had a lecture at 10. So I continued to pray, which was quite nice. Then the 10 o'clock person didn't turn up. I was in the prayer room for three hours. The first two and a half hours were fine, and went by quickly but the last half an hour was quite hard. I was sure that God was trying to teach me something. But, in the end, I went away feeling really blessed by the whole experience, which was good.

The rest of the week sets to be busy. I'm doing guided tours for the English Department open day today, Thurday and Friday I'm doing childrens work, and Saturday I'm doing more guiding. I also have to fit in dissertation work somewhere (don't worry, I've planned my week quite well, as long as I don't have any more surprises). I can't wait until Sunday, because I think I'll really need a day of rest by then.

My internet is down at home, so I probably won't be posting for a while.


  1. I'd love to say this was so last week, but it was only posted this wednesday; sure doesn't feel like I read this at most, 4days ago. Hmph...