Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Easter Egg Excitement

Now lent is here, we are into the Easter Season. This year around £500 million pounds will be spent on Easter Eggs. Yes £500 million, that's £500,000,000 or 50000000000 pence. That is a lot of money. Everybody gets in on the Easter craze. Giorgio Armani Dolci last year made a 60 euro Easter egg, but that wasn't even the most expensive. The most expensive was the 'Maison du Chocolat Oeuf Tresor', made by Harvey Nichols. Only five were made last year, which was a shame, as costing £550 you could have bought just under a million of them with the money spent on Easter eggs each year. The picture above is the £50 Hotel Chocolat 'Seriously Dark Ostrich Egg'.

This year I do not want a crazy amount of money to be spent on Easter Eggs for me. So, unless you buy a fairtrade one, just give me some money (the average Easter Egg costs £3-5) and I will buy something special with it. I will go to my local Oxfam and get an Oxfam Unwrapped Gift. So:
  • £6 (an Easter Egg or two) can provide Health Check Ups;
  • £9 (so the cost of 2 or 3 Easter Eggs) can buy safe drinking water for 12 people, or 100 bars of soap that will increase hygiene and reduce illness;
  • £8 can buy 8 school books for children;
  • £18 can buy a house and food for livestock;
  • And for the price of a Maison du Chocolat Oeuf Tresor, we could stock a library, and build a grain store, and give 120 people clean water, and buy a goat, and buy 5 bags of seeds.
I will probably be giving out Oxfam Unwrapped Gifts this Easter also. If anybody wants to join up with me, we can see how much we can raise. If you do buy me an Easter egg, whatever you do, DO NOT BUY A NESTLE ONE! I'm afraid to say that I will refuse to eat it.

I will be buying at least one Easter egg this year though. A few years back I bought around 18 Easter eggs for friends, and I was only given three. I complained to my Granddad about the unfair ratio of given gifts to those received, and he simply replied 'Well, that happens to me every year'.


  1. The chocolate egg drew me in, the charity kept me reading. Good work, I'll be back for more when I have a moment.