Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Facebook, friends and folly

First: if you're reading this from my facebook page, click 'view original post'. I've set up this facebook thing to make it easier to let people know if I've mentioned them by tagging them. If I haven't mentioned you, keep reading though. Second: it is Sam's birthday, so happy birthday. Woo! (Sam's just been tagged)

It is quite scary as to how many people have actually read my blog without me knowing. I'm making it sound like some duplicitous act, but I don't mean it like that. I just assumed all of about 4 people, including my brother, my housemate Rose, Rachel Maynard and my parents (they've all been tagged, despite them already reading it). But it seems more people than that have been reading it. My aggressive marketing campaigns have been working. However, I didn't know this because they haven't been leaving comments. To try and promote comment leaving, a while back I instigated 'The comment game' where you had to leave comments on uncommented posts. It wasn't that effective. Most people took my self-deprecating comment about ego-boosting seriously and didn't do it, or did it grudgingly. Stephen won with about 35 points though. Rose came second, no one came third. That's how successful it was.

When I was in the Glengower Hotel on Friday (not Sunday, when I had a roast), a friend named Lydia (who has now been tagged) mentioned that she has read my blog after me putting up as my facebook status. Another guy, not quite getting the point, has said previously 'I clicked the link in your facebook status and got to a random site about trains or something' (he's been tagged). Then yesterday I was facebook chatting with a friend, Karen, who said that she reads my blog quite often. So for everyone who has stumbled on my blog, reads it often, or thinks it's just a site about trains. COMMENT. Now, if you don't have a goggle/blogger account, you can a) get one, and even better, start a blog of your very own with it; b) comment on my facebook note.

Now to the facebook folly. I put up a status about how I have a picture of a dog being sick as my desktop background and gave people three guesses as to why. No one got it without my help. More worrying still (well, the first bit was not actually that worrying), was that most of the guesses involved accusations of mental perversion. If you left a comment on my status like that, you've been tagged.

Not only has this tagging thing useful for letting people know about my blog and that they've been mentioned, it's also become a vehicle for naming and shaming. I'm liking this.

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