Friday, 27 February 2009

No Meat March

I'm disappointed by my lack of imagination. The amount of rubbish egg related puns I could have made on my Easter Egg Excitement post was outstanding. For one, my post should have been called Easter Eggcitement, and could have used eggspensive, and could have probably slipped the word eggspecially into it somewhere. What a shame.

My motivation skills have not improved over the last few hours, and still have yet to do any work today. But I have actually done quite a bit, which wasn't work though. I had a Bible Study with my friend Jenny on prayer (focusing on Matthew 6:5-15), then read quite a bit of Proverbs as a part of my 1 hour a day scheme, written two posts and made a vegetarian alternative to a shepherd's pie. Rose and I have dubbed it 'the three-bean fart machine'. We shall see whether it lives up to its name. This is the preparation for my 'No-Meat-March', and the recipe inspired by the Green Granny. I featured one of her videos a while back, and shall do so again.

I used baked beans If there are any vegetarians out there, please send recipes my way. I must get on with some work but really cannot be bothered.


  1. I don't know about you, but it certainly is living up to it's name...

    I'd never have thought I'd enjoy a vegetarian shepards pie, but it was very nice, I dare say the other half's for Rachael, we all know how much you long for her to 'smell-ily' embarrass herself.

    woop! 50th commenter/commentor??

  2. Aww isn't she such a sweetie! I wish I cooked better than I do.

  3. Actually Rose you are the 63rd commentor. I meant I'me nearing my 50th post. Silly YaketyYak

  4. Vegetable Bolognese is can find the recipe here:

    also creamy veg pasta...

    hmm...this has inspired me to get creating again!!

  5. Also, I disagree with the green is it better to buy things from developing countries? I understand what she is saying but surely it's better to buy local?! If it's not fairtrade then you have no idea where the money is going and how the stuff was produced, plus all the air miles incurred isn't great.