Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Presents and stuff

In my last post I mentioned I'd turned 21, but didn't write what gifts I got. So here they are:

  • some art supplies
  • the first of the Jeeves series
  • some 1950s CDs (which I'm listening to)
  • the Harry Potter Box set

I'm meant to be getting a new phone too, but Vodafone didn't like my credit report. As a matter of fact, as I've never had a credit card or anything like that, I don't think I have one. So my order got cancelled, and there was a really good offer, and I hope I don't miss it or I'll cry. Well, not cry.

Today I was a bit cruel to Rose. I filled a bottle with water and sort of poured it on her crotch so it looked like she wet herself. Well, she did pour a glass of water over me a few weeks back so it's all a part of the course.

And lastly, isn't she just lovely!


  1. A (in italics)glass (back to normal)of water!? It was about half a centimeter of water in the bottom of a glass!

  2. A glass!? It was merely half a centimeter in the bottom of the glass. Hardly deserving of a bottle full aimed at my crotch!

  3. OOooooww I just remmebered you have to approve these before they actually go up....so yeah, just add one of them please :)

  4. Also due to my horrible personality, I found her quite annoying as opposed to lovely :S