Thursday, 23 April 2009


I have a weird craving for pasta carbonara at the moment. Moral of the story, don't look through recipe books at midnight. My random site seemed to be appreciated by at least one person so here is another one.

Random Site
I am the type of person that is always on the look out for new friends, and I like to think I accept them from all backgrounds and in all shapes and sizes. I am the type of guy that will talk to anyone. Before you think this is a reckless forum or dating site it is not. It is a site where you can talk to Alice or The Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity. That name was obviously made up to fit the acronym. It is quite reassuring as it shows that Artificial Intelligence is quite a long way off, really. There is another one called Godbot, which I would reject due to blasphemy and I was sorely disappointed when it didn't answer my question about preservation of the Saints vs continued grace by continued faith. A talk with Alice is very funny, but bear in mind, she cannot answer yes or no.

If you have suggestions please send them my way! And I shall leave you with an extract of one of my conversations with ALICE.

ALICE: ...Where are you now?
Human: Aberystwyth in Wales
ALICE: I have no idea where that is. Tell me a little about your life in Aberystwyth in Wales.
Human: Aberystwyth is a small town by the sea.
ALICE: When is Aberystwyth not a small town by the sea?
Human: Never.
ALICE: So do you think it could ever happen?
Human: It could happen if Aberystwyth grows large enough to be a city but that is unlikely.
ALICE: It could happen to everyone eventually.
Human: No it couldn't.
ALICE: Are you serious? Under what circumstances?
Human: It is a logical impossibility.
ALICE: Aberystwyth is a logical impossibility. I suppose that makes sense.
Human: Yes, it does.

Also, ask her about her faith!


  1. mmmm carbonara. I hope that your recipe book suggested you make it with eggs?

  2. ALICE was weird! She wasn't too impressed that i was being sarcastic to her, either... :)