Monday, 22 February 2010

The Referee's a...

This is one of those weird pivotal moments that tells you you've just reached adulthood. It's not as huge as putting down the deposit for your first house or seeing the birth of your first child (obviously written from a male perspective). It is something small yet still signifies that someone considers you to be a bona fide, mature adult. One of my youth group has asked me to be a referee for a job application. Okay, it probably isn't going to be a huge job for a London Banking Firm, but still, someone thinks me adult enough to be a referee. That's scary stuff.

I recollected as I was writing this post that Rachel had already written a post about this, and endeavoured to search for it. After a lot of scanning I was back to March 09 and then realised that there was a search button. Epic Fail.

My brother comes back tomorrow. Tehmorrow! Tehmorrow! I love ya, tehmorrow! You always a day away. Sorry, couldn't resist.

I usually reserve this stuff for my other blog (if you're asking, "what other blog?", keep with the program and click here), but I'm going to ask some questions. 

  • What makes you feel all grown up?
  • Do you see yourself as an adult?
  • What rites of passages are there to adulthood?
  • Could you write the word 'adult' anymore times in one paragraph?

In other blogging news. I've added tick box things, so you can rate my posts. Again, scary stuff.

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