Sunday, 21 February 2010

Book #5: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

First things first. I've been slack. But I knew it would happen, hence why I am reading 26 books this year and not 52. If I was to read book after book I would be able to do it, because I generally read a book in a week. However, I knew I would get distracted and not be able to sustain chain-reading habits. I am still ahead, though. I should be starting my 5th book on 26th February (according to the little spreadsheet I've just made), and I've nearly finished my 6th, and it's only the 21st.

So, to the review. I like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It doesn't pretend to be a literary gem and is just plain fun. I haven't actually read Pride and Prejudice but I'm acquainted with Jane Austen (we met in a bar once). It follows the general Austen plot arc: woman needs a man, woman finds a man, a lot of unreasonable procrastination goes on, woman gets man, happy ending. But this version adds an element of adventure into it: woman doesn't really want man, she is a warrior after all; women kicks zombie butt; woman falls in love with man (but doesn't realise it); she kicks zombie butt; she realises it; she kicks man's aunt's butt; they fall in love and both kick zombie butt.

In other words, I liked it. It was nice that the heroine didn't just spend her time looking pretty and making witty remarks but could also work a ninja throwing star.

I'm currently reading Velvet Elvis, by Rob Bell, which I will probably review in my other blog. Because variety is the spice of life, people.

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  1. Loads of the counsellors in America were reading "Velvet Elvis" in 2008. We were also watching the Nooma videos. Man, they were good.
    Pride, Prejudice and Zombies sounds intriguing. I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice - which follows exactly the same story outline as you described!