Sunday, 21 February 2010

Aberystwyth, Mon Amour

Since I last bloggified a reasonable amount of stuff has happened. I turned 22. I didn't do anything spectacular for it because I was at the Church weekend away and couldn't be bothered to do anything afterwards. However, I got pressies. I got Doctor Who, Series Four; Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (which I shall be shortly reviewing); Velvet Elvis, by Rob Bell; and lotsa Amazon vouchers and money. With which I bought every Doctor Who DVD known to man; Hero and Lust Caution (I was Amazoning on 14th Feb so went for a Chinese Theme); some converse shoes and The Diary of Anne Frank, BBC Adaptation.

I've been ploughing my way through series four of Doctor Who, and have just watched the last episode of the Anne Frank series. The reason I did that is because I am ill. So when I am ill, I am presented with two choices: do I do something to make me feel better or do I wallow in my misery? Generally, it is the wallowing that wins. So I watched the episode when Anne Frank and co. get taken away by the German authorities. Happy times.

This week I went to Aberystwyth. I'm not going to give an itinerary but, fun was had, feet were wettened, Bento Boxes were purchased, and laughs laughed. We went to see Toy Story 2 in 3D. I was in it for the glasses. Hours of fun were had just with the 3D glasses.

The journey back was horrific, due to some poor choices by me and slow trains. It took me just about 11 hours to get back home. The journey went like this: Wales-England-Wales-England. And now I have a cold. But I'm going to visit my grandparents and go to church (as well as review Pride and Prejudice and Zombies).


  1. What's 'lotsa'?
    Do you still wink at yourself in the mirror and blame it on the cool glasses...?

  2. Oh, the train journey to Bangor. *weeps*. It was good so long as you caught the Virgin/Cross Country/whatever they call it nowadays... but if you went on the Arriva train. That's just like waiting for death to happen. "In, out, In, out, people standing so there's no room to shake it all about - let alone turn and do the okey cokey".