Thursday, 8 October 2009


Woah, over a month since I wrote anything. I hope that link in the sidebar that takes you to random posts kept you entertained. I don't think September is a month conducive to blogging. I mean, Rachel of dreamingofthecountry took a hiatus too.

I've been inspired by Today I Saw, which was a blog of note a few days back. I just love the way she chronicles the beautiful things in life. So I'm going to try (and probably fail miserably, like this idea, oh and this one, and how can we forget this?) and write things that I have been grateful for in my blog. So today these are the things I'm grateful for.

Old People
Today, I was walking past a school where construction has been taking place for a while back. It was quite a warm day, and an old man from the house next door had brought a tray of squash over for the builders. His wife was watching in the window. I think that this moment made my day.

I did a prayer thing where we taped prayers to helium balloons and let them go. It worked well. So for that I like helium.

Sweet Chilli Sauce
This save my dinner from being horrible, tasteless and dry to being hot, tangy, moist meal.


  1. OH WHY CAN'T I BLOG?!?! I need to get back into it. I have ideas, I just can't be bothered to sit down and type!

    Glad you're okay anyway.

    One nothing against creative prayer, but think of the sea turtles!!!!!

  2. perhaps a helium prayer could be to not get eaten by certain marine reptilia...Glad you're back.