Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Yellow Mini and Me

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I feel like I should be writing something meaningful, but tough luck. I don't know whether I've mentioned it before, but our family (as in my father and me) has an obsession with a game called Yellow Mini. The rules are thus:
  1. If you see a yellow car you call "Yellow Car!"
  2. If you see a mini you, likewise, call "Mini!"
  3. If you see a yellow mini you yell "YELLOW MINI!"
There is a variant of the game where you punch someone once for each yellow car/mini and twice for each yellow mini, but we play the non-violent version. This game has become a problem. When I'm on my own I have to internally verbalise any call I have to make. It's bad when I'm muttering to myself "Mini, mini, yellow car, mini, yellow car...". It's when a hallowed yellow mini is spotted is when I'm in real trouble. "YELLOW MINI! Take that ether. With no sentient voice you're no match against me!" I cry. Then the worried stares from passersby alert me to my loneliness and the fact that yellow mini is not a game to play on your own.

One last thing...mini, mini, mini, mini, YELLOW MINI, mini, mini, mini, mini, mini...
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  1. I played the 'violent' version on a very long car journey with a few friends once, when we got back to Sheffield I caught the bus home, and punched the guy sat next to me. I tried to pull off the old 'Oh sorry mate', but the the accompanied 'yel...ahem...' beforehand didn't really help. *sigh-age*

  2. hahaha to the comment above!

    We play a much more sad game. Even though neither myself or my Mum work in Wilkinson any more, we count Wilkinson lorries on road trips. I believe our record has been 56. Some friends and I went to Chester... and they wanted to know why I suddenly said "1"!

  3. Our youth mob play the same game but with volvos (non violent). It's quite a competitive sport, particularly if a lot of the youth group are in a car/minibus together. People who have shotgunned the front seat usually do well! On the way to Soul Survivor the volvo count has been known to reach double figures.

  4. Haha... that is funny. I'm sooo over yellow mini, so last month. *nervous laugh*

  5. i internalise it too. And there are *a lot* of yellow cars in Spain. It's depressing. And Rachael, I don't know if I believe you... can you ever get over yellow mini? If so, tell me how!!!

    p.s. I've remembered the game.