Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Epic Fail

Okay, this week I have failed. At just about everything. That was a bit of an exaggeration. This week I did not fail at doing my essay, or things like that. So this is what I have failed at:
  • Lent: On Saturday I totally neglected to read my Bible/pray. And I've only done half the time on two days that I should have. However, it is more than I usually do and it has still greatly blessed me. So I shall continue to try and do it. My only reassurance is that the period of Lent is forty days if you do not count the Sundays. I have been, so I'm actually still on my reading quota for Lent. Phew!
  • No-Meat-March: This one I have given up on. Sunday, without thinking I ordered a Zinger Tower from KFC. This is very sad, as I'm not a huge fan of KFCs. My excuse is that I had been standing on a pitch for 2 hours and was quite tired so didn't have the capacity to think my order through. So I, with reckless abandon, have eaten meat everyday since. But, don't make me out to be an evil person, first, I rarely eat meat anyway, and second, it was more of an experiment.
  • Facebook: How can you fail at facebook? Well, a somewhat ambiguous status was misconstrued. I'm currently waiting for someone to email me information about a job. So I wrote my status as 'Thomas is anxiously waiting, waiting, waiting'. Some people jumped to the obvious (?) conclusion that I had proposed to Rachael and it all went down hill from there. Then later on the same day, after refuting the matter, I left my facebook left logged on Rose's laptop. So I was, to use that somewhat horrible turn of phrase, facebook raped. Yuck, what a horrible way to say it. Basically, Rose took the opportunity to write somewhat defaming things in my 'About Me' section.

Another thing I really, epically fail at is Tetris. I am rubbish. My tetris piles have more gaps than a government education policy. But I found an article that tetris relieves stress. Well, when I play my heart is pumping in my chest and my right eye twitches.

One thing I haven't failed at is my degree. We had a cascade calculator on our student profile which told us what we could get. We inputted predicted grades and then saw what came out. So i played around to see what was the lowest mark I could get and receive a 2:1. It turns out I just have to pass these two last modules and I have a 2:1. That is good news. If I want a first, however, I have to get 70+ for both of them, which is doable. So, although I may fail at somethings, the future still looks bright.

Talking of bright, the weather is beautiful! I'm tidying my room at the moment and then going to do some work on the beach, I think. That doesn't really cover all I've been up to recently, but it'll do for now.


  1. But, you did win a costume contest, which has to balance out all that fail?!

  2. Awww, oops! I wondered what all the congrats comments where about! Lol! x