Friday, 3 July 2009


This evening has left me with such an empty feeling. I feel gutted. On Wednesday we got our degree results. I got a 2.1. I was okay with a 2.1 but had really wanted a first. We were just told what result we got, with no mark, nothing.

So, being curious, I wanted to see how close to being a First I actually was. I searched my emails for the student handbook, which we got sent to us at the beginning of the year. Here we got details of how our results were worked out using the cascade calculator system. Basically, our higher marks have a higher weight in determining our grade. I opened Excel, wrote in all the numbers and did all the sums. The result was really gutting. I got 69.5. That's 0.5 marks off of being a First-class student.

I emailed my head of year to see whether there was a procedure for such instances. It sort of makes me suspicious of why they don't put the mark up, just so students don't pester them about borderline degree results.

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  1. I REALLY hope they might put it up to a First for you!! Good luck! But WELL DONE anyway, you have a good degree which is cool in itself! Good luck with the job hunt. Leanne x