Friday, 10 July 2009

Aberystwyth, again

Next week I'm graduating, so am returning to the sunny, hot, tropical climes of Aberystwyth. I'm actually nervous. It's weird, because I've never felt nervous about returning to Aberystwyth before. I'm just plagued by visions of having a mortar board two inches too big and a gown a foot too short, or vice versa (?). Someone told me about someone fainting at the top of the stairs, and subsequently falling down them.

So, what is new with me? Not much. I'm sort of in a strange limbo job wise. There is a possible job as a Youth Worker (part-time) in a job in Southampton. I just need to sign the contract, really. So, there we go.

On another note (well, actually, these are all very much related. Except, only I know the link between all these seemingly random nuggets of information)... So, where was I? Ah, yes, on another but linked note, I did an online personality tet. For the most part it was accurate. They highlight some key words to describe the person in question, and I appreciated being called 'pleasant, generous, diplomatic, courteous', but not so much 'emotional, self-promoting, unsure, dependent, conservative'. However, unfortunately. some aspects of it are true. Apparently, I set high-standards for myself, but often judge others by these. Also, it tell me 'in your desire to be viewed as an expert, you may frequently offer knowledge on different topics. This may give the impression that you know a little bit about everything'. That isn't true. A LOT about everything.

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