Thursday, 5 March 2009

Tell me

It feels like I haven't updated in ages, but my last post was actually on Saturday. Not much really has happened between then, except...meeting Rachael's family. They were really nice and I think (and hope and pray) they like me. So that was quite a relief.
As you know from my post Lent (and if you don't, click the link!) that I have given up an hour every day to read the Bible and pray. However, it is very Bible reading based. So this is where your input comes in, people. I would like you to tell me anything that you want me to pray for. I've got an hour people so, if I spend 2 minutes praying on each point, that's 30 prayer points people. So, if you do, put them on the back of a blank post-card to...not really. You can facebook me, tell me in person, or put a comment on this post. But can you also pray for me, so here are my three points:
  1. Uni-Work: I'm really unmotivated at the moment, so can you pray that God changes this. Also that I don't get stressed, etc.
  2. After Uni: I'm in the process of trying to find out what I'm doing after Uni. Can you pray that God gives me guidance.
  3. Lent: Pray that my Lent efforts don't go wasted and that I use them effectively, and that God really edifies me in the process.
I'm in the process of tidying my room. Well, obviously at the moment I'm writing this post. But you get me, don't you? (I'd actually be surprised if you said yes, I don't get me most of the time). No meat March is going okay, but I'm not quite a vegetarian, but a piscitarian. I don't know whether the eating of fish is more sustainable than the rest of meat, probably not. Oh well.

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