Friday, 20 March 2009

Proof Reading

Just a short note as an interlude between dissertation work. As an English student, surely I would have learnt how to proof read by now? Judging by the amount of mistakes in my last post (aptly named, Epic Fail), obviously not. Just to reassure you, I do proof read my work. Also, I am not going through some mental breakdown characterised by violent self-deprecation and a lack of self-esteem. Mainly because yesterday I won a fancy-dress competition!

On Wednesday it was Josh's birthday (who goes under the pseudonym of Devonlad), and on Thursday there was his party (arranged by his wife Rachel- I never miss a change to direct people to my favourite blogs. If I read them, they're worth reading). The theme was, of course, Devon. We had to go as anything Devonian, and my thought was: 'what's more Devonian than Devon?'. So I cut out a map of the county from card and stuck it to myself. I am now the proud owner of some Sweet Apple Chutney with West Country Cider. The female winner was Hannah Nelson, who came in her pyjamas. Why? you may ask. Well, the word pyjamas was apparently introduced by a famous Devonian.

Now I must prof reed.

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