Friday, 1 June 2007

Finally! A post!

My brother has been pestering me to write an update. So begrudgingly I have. It’s not really done begrudgingly but we try to use every opportunity we get to make the other feel guilty for somehow putting us out. Like the fact that he has been stealing all my songs on my ipod (the one you're listening to now). Twins eh? They just have to have exactly what the other one has: ipod tunes, birthdays, genes. What about those horrendous twins on big brother? (“It’s pink! I love it!”) At least we don’t actually try to be exactly the same like they do.

Today my bedroom is a fire hazard, not due to mess, per se- well my room is a mess- but due to the suitcases and boxes that have replaced any habitable space. I’m moving out tomorrow and into my new flat. Then I will be going home soon!

Where to start with all the other things I’ve been up to in the last few weeks. Exams, they went quite well, I think they went as well as they could have done, really. This bank holiday weekend (just gone) was the Church Weekend Away…at home. Paradoxical, I know. Sunday was meant to be a picnic on the beach but the bad weather meant it was in the church hall. I baked scones for everybody (Joel tried to have two but I set him straight); a huge baguette with basil, tomatoes, roasted peppers and feta; and a potato salad, with Philadelphia cheese, lemon juice, and the left over basil. Just an unnecessary list aimed to make you salivate. Cruel, aren’t I?

Monday was the trip to Chester. Most the students chose to go to Chester Zoo, and we noted that most the Secondary School teenagers avoided that option as it was ‘uncool’. However, students no longer care so we opted to relive our childhood. It was quite fun, and I have decided I want a pet parrot (perhaps finally intelligent conversations!), but that wont be for another few years yet- owing to their expense and the fact my new flat is a pet-free zone.

This week I have been lazy, occasionally interrupting my inactivity to pack, eat or bake cupcakes with bright green icing. My student pastor and the ladies who came to inspect our flat were all quite impressed with them.



  1. At last, an update! I want a cupcake... Did you notice that the font for this post is different to the other two? Some continuity please - make an effort! And I can say I'm glad I'm not watching Big Brother. Heroes is much better.

  2. So, how's your new apartment and everything? Settling in nicely? Hope you're well! I'm still looking for a job... See you soon (maybe sooner than expected if I don't find a job soon!)!

  3. He has been doing the same to me!!!