Sunday, 29 April 2007

Pyrrhic victories and a Sea-Side Soiree

Wow! What a hullaballuha that was! However, you have no idea what I am talking about. I had lost my password for this blog, and was unsure as to which email account I had used to set it up. Somehow in the process of discovering my password I had managed to create a new blog, with the exact name as this one, and was confused as to why I could not find my previous post. Luckily I finally located it and the world is at rights again.

My brother also has started a blog, but with the exact same template as mine. So out of protest I changed mine. It’s a bit of a pyrrhic victory seeing as the colours of my blog have no effect on the world what-so-ever and I rather liked my blog as it was.

Onto the sea-side soiree. My friend Mily and I arranged a rather perfect barbeque on the beach. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the guest-list. I made these stunningly beautiful kebabs, of chicken, courgettes, peppers, and topped with a bit of caramelised orange. They were so beautiful they made me want to cry (okay, they looked nice but that’s a bit over-the-top). I had brought burgers, cheese slices, slices of tomatoes, diced onions and everything to have an enjoyable evening. But in all honesty, I didn’t really enjoy it, and nor did Mily. I felt totally subservient to the people that came, because all the interaction there was consisted of me handing food to other people. Some people were extremely demanding and made a joke about me being paid to be a butler next year. Then after they were satiated they just watched Mily and I as we tidied up. Basically after we had done our job we were just completely superfluous and unnecessary. Mily was pretty much totally ignored which was even worse for her. There were some people that restored my faith in humanity, but again the efforts were pyrrhic too. So we decided to go back to hers and watch a couple of movies, which cheered us up (the booze helped as well). So I staggered- well I was more exhausted than drunk- in at 4 am.

But as Mily and I reflected, yesterday was just another day and we probably won’t even remember it by the end of University.


  1. That's terrible. I'd simply shun those people and never talk to them again. No, I probably would. Maybe you should send your blog address to everyone that went as a subtle hint if they ever decided to read it.

  2. Aren't you going to add another blog...?

  3. Aww that was not nice....I will come to your next one and make sure you and mily (even though i don't know her) feel appreciated.