Friday, 22 June 2007

Sinks, CVs and Harry Potter

Stephen has a job. I haven’t. I’m writing letters at the moment to various businesses, and hoping that my application to ASDA is rejected. Call me snob, but I don’t want to work there. However, I do believe that once I get a job my parents won’t be able to manage. Yesterday for instance, somehow (i.e. by my dad) the cream had been spilt in the fridge, and I was the one that had to clean it up. When my dad goes on courses in some far-flung city, like Birmingham, I’m his home-based personal assistant. He phone me up with a number of tasks and errands, from sending e-mails to finding people’s/ schools’ telephone numbers. I’m also the handy man. The sink broke yesterday and I was the one that had to fix it. I also had to replace a printer cartridge and now I have a black hand.

On a better note, the Marchwood Village Fair is soon, and it’s a Medieval theme, and if I’m not working (which at this rate, I won’t be) I may be dressing up and helping. Also, July 21st Harry Potter is out, and the shops of Hythe are turning themselves into Diagon Ally, and I’m helping to decorate one. It should be really fun!

Now I have to finish tidying my room and fixing the sink, so until next-time!

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