Sunday, 5 October 2014

Can't stop... Zombie hordes

So, I've recently got my first iPhone. I knew this day would come eventually, but I put it off for as long as I could. Finally, I relented and succumbed to the worldly desires that rage within me. My lust for shiny tech has won.

One of the selling points was the range of apps. I've just bought 'Zombies, Run!' (I know, I'm chasing behind that bandwagon too) and it's pretty fun. It's a basic concept: it's a fitness app with a post-apocalypse game thrown in. If, like me, you have little intrinsic motivation, it can be a great way to get you going. There's nothing like the words "Zombies approaching... Run!" to help you get your sprint on. If you're not up for having to add sudden bursts of speed to your run, you can turn the chase mode off.

So, if you see me running with a blind look of panic, there's probably an undead horde nearby. Just another normal day...

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