Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saturday's Site

Sometimes it's easy to get bored of the same old fonts on your computer. I mean, comic sans is okay for invites to a child's party, Book Antiqua is what it says on the tin, and Times New Roman should be left for, well, The Times. If you want to jazz up your letters, add some bling to your booklets, make your newsletters new, go to

Okay, that sounded like a really cheesy advert. Sort of like this one.

Just a small disclaimer. I haven't uploaded any fonts onto my computer as of yet. It's getting a bit old and doesn't even like to be turned on at the best of times, so I'm trying to do as little that will exacerbate it as possible. But the fonts do look really good, and, although I'm no huge typography expert (I do know the difference between a serif font and sans serif font, and about the interrobang), I can say I'm impressed by some of them.

In the last (and only other) Saturday's site I mentioned I finally got round to releasing the book and I did so on a park bench in quite a busy park. I watched it for a while before I had to leave; and it made me realise something: how unobservant people are. Quite a few people passed it, and one woman sat on the same bench as it, but failed to pick it up. Hopefully it got found before it rained that night, and not thrown away. I went there the next day and it was gone, so something has happened to it.


  1. I am slightly obsessed with font sites and that one is great! Just downloaded a new one for the powerpoint on Sunday. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Do you still want me to do a book review or have you given up on blogging?
    Hope you're well? What's the news?