Friday, 16 April 2010

Factual Friday

It's a Friday. So that means that a load of useless facts are on the way to screens near you. In front of you, in fact.

Rachael is down visiting me, so today we went on a drive to some of the places of interest in the New Forest. So that is the theme for today. The New Forest.

It is 571 square kilometres in total, comprising of:
  • 146 km² of broadleaved woodland;
  • 118 km² of heathland and grassland;
  • 33 km² of wet grassland;
  • and 84 km² of tree plantations.
The New Forest was made a royal forest by William I in c. 1079. Two of his sons died in the New Forest, Prince Richard (who was mauled by a stag) and William II. William II was shot by an arrow in a hunting accident and the Rufus Stone apparently marks the spot where he fell. Some say these events were a result of the actions of William I when making the the forest his personal hunting ground.

Other things the New Forest is famous for:
  • Ponies;
  • Ice Cream (particularly Beaulieu Ice Cream);
  • The Beaulieu Motor Museum;
  • Witches.
I've recently finished a book, which I need to review, also I need to talk about my travels to Spain and discuss the new Doctor. So these are all up and coming.

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  1. I love the New Forest. It's a beautiful area, with lots of variation and things to see. I'm still amazed when I see wild horses trotting down the country lanes. Get a bit scared when they decide to go in front of the car - eep.