Monday, 29 March 2010

Egg on my face...

I've been upset with Rachael recently. It has to be said. Apparently, on the rating thing at the bottom of my posts, she has been clicking on 'cool' for some of them, instead of 'epic'. I notice that some of my readers (mentioning no names) haven't been rating. I'm going to assume that is because they forgot or didn't notice it, not because they've been sparing my feelings.

I told Rachael that if she ever voted one of my posts as 'okay' or less she'd be dumped. In a contest between her and my blog, well, I've had this blog a lot longer than I've been going out with Rachael.

However, you may rate this post 'fail', because of my attempt at making a papier-mâché Easter egg. I've also written about it in my other blog, so if you see this story elsewhere, you're not going crazy. Well, you read my blog, so it's a bit late for that.

Basically, I did the papier-mâché around the balloon thing and hung it out to dry over night. Unfortunately, the balloon shrunk while it was drying and the paper got damp as it was outside so it warped. So this is the end result.I think I should offer it as a free give away. Alternatively, for a free give away that is offering something aesthetically pleasing go to Dreaming of the Country.


  1. Hahahaha this brought me so much joy!

  2. lol I now get the facebook status...;) hehehe i will vote...epic fail I'm afraid - I mean - come on Thomas - how did you manage to allow that balloon to shrivel?! ;)