Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Look Left, Look Right

Look on the right, and you may notice something has changed. Seen it yet? You may have to scroll down a little. Yes, there. The box which says 'Go to a random post', with the words 'Take me there' in it? If you're feeling bored or adventurous, click the words 'Take me there'. Be careful, though. You might be taken to the deepest, darkest realms of The Week that Was.

I've put in on my other blog, but seeing as it has four posts (the statistics on my dashboard says five, but it lies) theres little point to it yet.

On the Zemanta toolbar thing that gives me pretty pictures and cool links to put in my blog, one of them said 'A young writer with too much to say'. Okay, I take the hint.

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