Sunday, 12 April 2015

From whence he fell.

My brother and I have a strange sense of humour. Often, we get a little over excited and we let ourselves get carried away with silliness and things that are irrelevant and inconsequential. I was asked yesterday by a friend what my brother's job was. My reply was, "I don't know. We don't talk about those things much." We have, however, discussed in length our fantasy to join the Amish or start a farmstead in rural eastern Europe.

We find it hard to talk seriously, but we can do silly very well. This is often coupled with a sense of the macabre and morbid. This is a text message exchange which highlights it perfectly. My brother text me with this:
I've decided that if I die in a cliff accident I want a bench put at the top with the words, "from whence he fell".
From there, it descended into chaos (see what I did there- descended... oh, never mind). We sent each other a series of epitaphs appropriate for such a situation. Here were the results.

  1. His favourite view- and his last.
  2. Here's a bench, for your repose, where I was dashed on rocks below.
  3. May this seat support your weight, unlike the cliff did on that day.
  4. From this bench a view to see: where I fell into the sea. And as you look and catch your breath, consider how I gasped to death.
  5. And here is planted a small bush, to mark the place where he was pushed.
  6. This bench is a reminder showing, one should watch where they are going.
  7. Here's where I came to watch the tide; down below is where I died.
Have you got any of your own contributions? Which is your favourite?


  1. Very funny, I did have a good chortle :-)

  2. 7 was my favorite. Ha! I don't know, it just seemed perfectly rhymed with a beginning and an end.