Saturday, 23 January 2010

In jokes...

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with in-jokes. If you aren't in on the in-joke you hate them. If you are, however, they're the coolest thing ever. Here are some of my favourite in-jokes, of which I am in on.

Gravity has taken it's toll
My brother and I spent some of this morning playing the Thème de Camille by Georges Delarue and saying "I have never felt better, but at my age gravity has taken its toll." This is because of the somewhat amusing L'Oreal adverts featuring Jane Fonda. Gravity has taken its toll? What, you fell off a bridge or something?

My boy is dead
This one seems a little more morbid, but its origins are quite simple. The line comes from Jaws in 30 seconds, reinacted by bunnies. Click here to see what I'm talking about. There is a range of films on this site condensed to 30 seconds, and all worth a look.

Okay, that's two in-jokes that I decided to share. There are others ("My house is in there!", "And clench..."). Another thing about in-jokes is that they usually are of a you-had-to-be-there sort, so when you do share them they aren't remotely funny.

In other news, I recently caught a bus with Sherlock Holmes. I got on the bus and he was sat there in a tartan deerstalker hat reading a book through thin rimmed glasses. But, unlike the real Sherlock Holmes (real? and in my last post I wrote about discerning between fact and fiction), this man was an idiot. The thing is, I get on the bus at a request stop, and on the way back, despite the lack of signage, there is also another stop opposite where I like to get dropped. So I pressed the bell, and the bus driver asked, "Where would you like to be dropped?". Just as I was about to say "Anywhere about here," Sherlock Holmes piped up and said "Just around the corner."

"What? Who asked you? I rang the bell. I'm the one that requested the bus to stop. Not you. You idiot," I thought. "Now I'm going to have to walk round that hairpin bend in the dark and will most likely get killed because of you." So, apparently, Sherlock Holmes isn't dead, he's alive and well and local to me, and most of all is an idiot

Book I'm reading: To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee
Book number: 4
Pages I'm into it: 257 of 309
Bookmark: The train ticket.

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