Thursday, 9 October 2008

Whistle-stop tour

Woah! A blog entry has been long, long over due. It has been over a year since I last wrote an entry. Between then I have turned twenty, completed the whole of my second year of university and ridden on a tandem. Yes, I rode on a tandem. So, a brief overview of the heights and lows that was my second year of university is needed; I shall try and do them in chronological order.

My brother and parents went to Paris with my grandparents. It was apparently a logistical nightmare, but they seemed to enjoy it. I, however, was still in Aberystwyth (something that seemed to be a theme for the following year). This is a high for me, however; as it was a miracle that it actually went to plan, especially in light of what was to happen. My grandmother broke her hip just before Christmas, and made a rather good recovery. However, less than a week after being sent home from hospital she fell over again. This recovery was not quite as good as the last, and it took months for her to get back to her old self. Also around Christmas I went to Paris to visit Stephen (again), with my friend Kaylee. It was good, however, it must be said, I was a grumpy git. In February a celebrated my 20th birthday, and I cooked a four course meal, with six dishes: each of which containing chocolate. In the Easter holiday I went to Nottingham on a community mission type thing with my church, and then went to Amsterdam with my parents. I moved house, went back to Southampton, and then broke my elbow. Went camping where it was very muddy, then returned to university.

Phew! Sorry for a whistle-stop tour of my second year of university, and hopefully I will post more.

Until 2027, no doubt,


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